I love Dirty Phone Talk

I love Dirty Phone Talk

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Ever since I was a teenager and started noticing boys I found that I loved to talk dirty on the phone. I would even get the phone number of some cute guys I knew in High School and call them from a different number and tel them how horny I was and how much I wanted to fuck them! It was crazy, but most of the guys went along with it and had a great time, not even knowing who it was on the phone! That was one of the hottest parts of the whole conversation, because I would see them the next day in school knowing that I made that guy cum the night before!

Maybe I’m just perverted, but it’s fun and no one gets hurt. In fact it seems that everyone loves having a sweet sexy girl talk dirty to them and say all kinds of kinky nasty things on the phone. So it made since when I graduated to get a job as a phone sex operator. I never really thought of it as something to do as a way to make money, but that made it even better. My first night I had 3 orgasms while getting random guys off on the phone. Then the next day I received an email that a payment was being sent to me! That still blows my mind.

As I’ve gotten a little older I’ve learned a lot more. I’ve become especially interested in fetish topics and things that are taboo. Stuff that is really nasty and you can’t even say in public. Also I love learning about people secrets and what truly makes them horny. Fantasies and fetishes are my favorite. I have to admit knowing that the guy I am talking to is telling me things that he would not ever even mention to his wife is so hot. To be that intimate with someone while being a complete stranger.

Most Guys Loves to Hear Girls Talking Dirty

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From my experience this is completely normal. But the strange thing is that most guys have girlfriends and wives that never indulge in this type of sexual experience. Isn’t that odd? Maybe they are a little embarrassed to say extremely perverted and taboo things in front of each other, or maybe they really don’t connect on such a deep level. But based on my experience I recommend that every woman learn what phrases, kinks and fantasies their boyfriend or husband has. And not to judge. Who knows, you may even find out that your husband likes to look at shemales while surfing for online porn.

And this should not turn you away. After all you should be there for each other and help each other explore life together. At least that is my opinion. Personally I find the secrecy and anonymity of dirty phone chat to be the best. If you haven’t tried phone sex you should definitely consider it. And if so, why not with me?

I’ll talk about anything you want and be there to make your fantasies a reality. I’ll do anything to make you cum harder than you ever have. My job is to make you addicted to me voice and help you live out your dreams. Hope to hear from you soon!